Subscription - 3 Cheeses

Subscription - 3 Cheeses

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‘Cheese of the month’ subscriptions provide a continuous supply of an array of different cheeses to explore over time.  Available as a one-off purchase or a subscription.   


The ultimate gift that keeps on giving.  Our subscription enables you to be very happy and/or very popular every month.  Become the favoured family member for a whole year or think of the vibes in the office if this is the treat that appears to share among the team.


The selections vary each month throughout the year depending on what is seasonally available and tasting great at the time.  Think melting, winter warmers in February and fresh, zingy friends of salad in June.  Information and tasting notes on all the cheese are included along with added info tailored to certain cheeses eg wine pairings and recipes.  You may even come across an occasional cheese related gift.  Preferences can be catered for.  

min total weight: 650g suitable for 2-6 people



There will be 2 delivery dates in December: Thursday 7th or Thursday 21st December

Please let us know which date suits you best when you check out.  

Colston Bassett Stilton (300g approx) pasteurised cow's milk blue cheese from Nottinghamshire, England.  Especially selected and matured by Neal's Yard Dairy, London.

Corra Linn (250g approx) raw sheep's milk cheese made in Lanarkshire, Scotland.  A Manchego-style hard cheese, made during spring and summer each year when the Errington family have a surplus of milk from their herd.  The cheese is great to eat in the winter when matured for about 6 months.  

Langres (min 180g) raw cow's milk cheese from Champagne-Ardenne, France.  Made by Fromagerie Schertenleib with milk collected from local farmers, this is a rind washed cheese with a distinctive orange hue, soft yielding texture and pungent savoury flavour finished with honey sweetness. 

Sourdough Krispbread (105g) made by Peters Yard, this is my favourite cracker to serve with cheese and many many other foods.  It is a good idea to have a packet to hand at all times. 


ALLERGENS: MILK, GLUTEN, may contain traces of nuts. 

cheeses are cut by hand and individual weights will vary but the overall weight of cheese contents will exceed 650g

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You pay for the first delivery only, we will pay the rest. 

We send out the selections for delivery on the first Thursday of every month but this is fully flexible and you can let us know to change or skip a delivery or to transfer your selection to a (very lucky) friend if you are going to be away.  If you skip, the subscription will roll on for another month. 

Subscriptions ordered for Christmas 2017 will start with the December selection delivered on 21st December as their first with the second arriving at the start of February. 

2017 / 2018 DELIVERY DATES: 

2017: December 7th / December 21st

2018: January 4th (for existing subscriptions only,  all new ones will skip to February) / February 1st / March 1st / April 5th / May 3rd / June 7th / July 5th / August 2nd / September 6th / October 4th / November 1st / December 6th OR December 20th   

We send a reminder the week before the cheese is due to arrive but you can let us know about high days and holidays anytime.

If you have an occasion, a party or an enormous cheese craving, on the horizon and would like to transfer the value of your subscription for that month towards placing a larger order, we can do that with 10 days notice.  We can only apply the value of 1 month at a time.  

Keep in touch & plan ahead but if like me, you find that tricky and have to change plans at late notice, we will try to accommodate as best we can.  It is always worth asking.