5 Festive Cheeses

5 Festive Cheeses

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A cheeseboard selection of our favourite festive cheeses.  To create a sense of occasion that may well last till boxing day, this is what we'll be having.


min total weight: 1.25kg suitable for 6-12 people

(Options to add Colston Bassett Stilton and/or swap out Goats Cheeses)



Cantal au lait du Salers  (200g approx)  raw cow's milk cheese from Auvergne in the middle of France.  Made with milk from majestic Salers cows, the native rare breed built to survive in the Massif Central. 

Gruyère du Jura Suisse (200g approx) raw cow's milk cheese from the Jura mountains in Switzerland.  Made by master cheesemaker Vincent Tyrode and matured for 18 months in a former military fort built into the side of a mountain.

Killeen (200g approx) pasteurised goat's milk cheese made by Marion Roeleveld in County Galway, Ireland.  Marion brought cheese heritage with her from Holland to make this Gouda-style recipe. 

Ste Maure (250g approx) raw goat's milk cheese made in the Loire Valley in France by Marie-Agnes and Vincent Peltier with milk from very happy, bright white Saanen goats.  Seeing them being led out to graze in lush green pastures is one of my favourite cheese memories.

Vacherin Mont D'Or (min 400g) raw cow's milk cheese made seasonally through the winter months in the Jura mountains in France.  We prefer the cheese served at room temperature but Vacherin can be and is often baked.

Sourdough Crispbread (105g) made by Peters Yard, this is my favourite cracker to serve with cheese and many many other foods.  It is a good idea to have a packet to hand at all times. 



no Goats: exchange goats cheeses Killeen and Ste Maure to be replaced by Baron Bigod (250g approx) raw cow's milk brie recipe from Suffolk, England and Tomme de Savoie (200g approx) raw cow's milk tomme from Savoie, France  


add Stilton: make it 6 cheeses by including a generous chunk of Colston Bassett Stilton (300g approx) pasteurised cow's milk blue from Nottinghamshire, England, especially selected and matured by Neal's Yard Dairy, London.


ALLERGENS: MILK, GLUTEN, may contain traces of nuts. 

cheeses are cut by hand and individual weights will vary but the overall weight of contents will exceed 1.25kg

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