5 Classic Cheeses

5 Classic Cheeses


A classic cheeseboard selection of our bestselling cheeses. Just the thing to bring along if somebody else is hosting.  You can't possibly go wrong. 


min total weight: 1.1kg suitable for 6-12 people

(Option to swap out goat's cheese)



Camembert de Normandie (min 250g) raw cow's milk cheese from Normandie, France.  Made by Fromagerie Reaux the delicate curds are still ladled by hand in the traditional way creating a wonderful silky texture.  

Colston Bassett Stilton (300g approx) pasteurised cow's milk blue cheese from Nottinghamshire, England.  Especially selected and matured by Neal's Yard Dairy, London.

Comté 18-24 months (250g approx) raw cow's milk cheese made in the Jura Mountains in Franche-Comté, France.  Matured by Rivoire Jacquemin and selected for us by Mons Cheesemongers, London.

Kirkham's Lancashire (250g approx) raw cow's milk cheese made by Graham Kirkham in Lancashire, England.  The last traditional raw milk Lancashire is made slowly with milk from their small family herd of 100 cows.  

Selles sur Couffy (150g approx) raw goat's milk cheese made in the Loire Valley, France with milk from brown and black Alpine goats.

Sourdough Crispbread (105g) made by Peters Yard, this is my favourite cracker to serve with cheese and many many other foods.  It is a good idea to have a packet to hand at all times. 



no Goat: exchange goat's cheese Selles sur Couffy to be replaced by Tomme de Savoie (200g approx) raw cow's milk tomme from Savoie, France  


ALLERGENS: MILK, GLUTEN, may contain traces of nuts. 

cheeses are cut by hand and individual weights will vary but the overall weight of cheese contents will exceed 1.1kg


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