3 British Cheeses

3 British Cheeses


A classic selection of our favourite British cheeses. 

You can't possibly go wrong.  

min weight: 650g suitable for 2-6 people

(Option to swap out blue cheese)



Baron Bigod (200g approx) raw cow's milk cheese made by Fen Farm Dairy in Bungay in Suffolk.  The cheese is made with milk from the farm's own herd of Montbéliarde cattle.

Colston Bassett Stilton (200g approx) pasteurised cow's milk blue cheese from Nottinghamshire, England.  Specially selected and matured by Neal's Yard Dairy, London.

Isle of Mull Cheddar (200g approx) raw cow's milk cheese made by the Reade family near Tobermory, Scotland. A hearty, full-flavoured Scottish Cheddar, Isle of Mull is drier in texture with flavours that are upfront, richly savoury and boozy.

Sourdough Krispbread (105g) made by Peters Yard, this is my favourite cracker to serve with cheese and many many other foods.  It is a good idea to have a packet to hand at all times. 

no Blue: exchange blue cheese Colston Bassett Stilton to be replaced by Gorwydd Caerphilly (200g approx) organic raw cow's milk cheese with a crumbly texture and buttery taste.  


ALLERGENS: MILK, GLUTEN, may contain traces of nuts. 

cheeses are cut by hand and individual weights will vary but the overall weight of cheese contents will exceed 650g

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