Cheesemonger's Choice

Cheesemonger's Choice


A cheeseboard is something that requires careful consideration even/especially for a cheesemonger. We want to select something different but still be sure it will be pleasing to the recipients. If I was coming to visit, these are some of the cheeses that might appear too.

min total weight: 1.1kg suitable for 6-12 people


Colston Bassett Stilton (250g approx) pasteurised cow's milk blue from Nottinghamshire, England, especially selected and matured by Neal's Yard Dairy, London.

Gruyère du Jura Suisse (200g approx) raw cow's milk cheese from the Jura mountains in Switzerland.  Made by master cheesemaker Vincent Tyrode and matured for 18 months in a former military fort built into the side of a mountain.

Innes Brick (180g approx) raw goat’s milk cheese made by Joe Bennett at Highfields Dairy in Staffordshire. Innes Brick is light and smooth textured with a delicate rind developing hazelnut flavours as the cheese matures. 

Isle of Mull Cheddar (250g approx) raw cow's milk cheese made by the Reade family near Tobermory, Scotland. A hearty, full-flavoured Scottish Cheddar, Isle of Mull is drier in texture with flavours that are upfront, richly savoury and boozy.

Langres (200g approx) raw cow's milk cheesemade by Fromagerie Schertenleib in Champagne-Ardennes, France. This washed rind cheese has a pungent gooey rind that is balanced by a fresh, chalky lactic core. Almost two cheeses in one.

Sourdough Crispbread (105g) made by Peters Yard, this is my favourite cracker to serve with cheese and many many other foods.  It is a good idea to have a packet to hand at all times.  

ALLERGENS: MILK, GLUTEN, may contain traces of nuts. 

cheeses are cut by hand and individual weights will vary but the overall weight of contents will exceed 1.1kg

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