Big Box

Big Box


Between all singing and all dancing this box has all the wine and all the cheese needed to keep festivities going in a busy household from the moment they arrive, through scheduled feasting and unplanned scavenging with a crumb and a drop leftover for when the door closes behind the last to leave.

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Raw Goat’s Milk Ste Maure 250g Raw Cow’s Milk Camembert de Normandie 250g, Gruyere du Jura Suisse 300g, Langres 200g, Lincolnshire Poacher 300g, Tomme de Savoie 300g, Vacherin le Mont d’Or 450g Pasturised Cow’s Milk Colston Bassett Stilton 300g Sourdough Biscuits 3 x 105g

Fizz Prosecco Colfondo 75cl, Vouvray Pétillant “La Dilettante” 75cl, Cuvée Resérve Pierre Gerbais Champagne 75cl White Vorgeschmack 75cl, Folle Blanche 75cl, Montlouis 75cl Orange Baglio Bianco Catarratto 75cl Red Arbois Poulsard 75cl, Faugères Clos Fantine 75cl, Bob 75cl, Epicure 75cl Sweet Monbazillac Jour de Fruit 37.5cl, Cream Sherry Cruz del Mar 75cl.